Chandan Singh | chandan singh


phd student at uc berkeley exploring the intersection of machine learning and neuroscience


interpretable ml
feature importance
Connectomics , neural coding
year title authors tags paper code
2018 hierarchical interpretations for neural network predictions Singh, Murdoch, & Yu ml arXiv
2018 large scale image segmentation with structured loss based deep learning for connectome reconstruction Funke, Tschopp, Grisaitis, Sheridan, Singh, Saalfeld, & Turaga ml, neuro TPAMI
2018 linearization of excitatory synaptic integration at no extra cost Morel, Singh, & Levy neuro J Comp Neuro
2017 a consensus layer V pyramidal neuron can sustain interpulse-interval coding Singh & Levy neuro Plos One
2017 a constrained, weighted-l1 minimization approach for joint discovery of heterogeneous neural connectivity graphs Singh, Wang, & Qi ml, neuro NIPS Workshop


  • Fall 17 - Present

    Berkeley bin yu lab

    phd research in interpretable ml and neuroscience

  • Worked on unsupervised pretraining of CNNs for semantic segmentation.

  • Fall 16 - Spring 17

    UVA Yanjun Qi Research Lab

    Contributed to development of novel weighted-L1, multi-task Gaussian graphical models

  • Summer 15, Winter 15, Summer 16

    HHMI Srini Turaga Lab

    Contributed to enhanced ML implementations for neural image segmentation

  • Fall 14 - Fall 16

    UVA William Levy Lab

    Simulated stochastic neurons to determine mutual information, variability, energy efficiency, and threshold

  • Simulated extracellular neural recordings via Neurocube Matlab scripts

  • Summer 13 - Spring 14


    Developed web app for simultaneous task coordination + Android app to increase the data storage capacity of QR codes.

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