I'm a PhD student at UC Berkeley exploring the intersection of computer science and neuroscience (here's my CV). My research interests are in learning algorithms/statistical techniques for (1) neural decoding, (2) mapping the brain, and (3) computational models of learning. I'm also developing a set of notes on AI/neuroscience.


We’ve released a new paper on the feasibility of interpulse-interval coding: Singh & Levy, 2017


  • PhD - Started Fall 2017

    UC Berkeley

    PhD student in Computer Science advised by Bin Yu.

  • Summer 2017


    Summer intern at Facebook, Menlo Park office.

  • Fall 2016 - Present

    UVA Yanjun Qi Research Lab.

    Contributed to development of novel weighted-L1, multi-task Gaussian graphical models

  • Summer 2015, Winter 2015, Summer 2016

    HHMI Srini Turaga Lab

    Contributed to enhanced ML implementations for neural image segmentation

  • January 2015 - Fall 2016

    UVA William Levy Lab

    Simulated stochastic neurons to determine mutual information, variability, energy efficiency, and threshold

  • Summer 2014

    HHMI Scientific Computing

    Simulated extracellular neural recordings via Neurocube Matlab scripts

  • Summer 2013 - Spring 2014

    Developed a web application for simultaneous task coordination and developed an Android app to increase the data storage capacity of QR codes.